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Default Of FiOS, Wifi and wireless....

My condo complex is being wired for FiOS--for those of you outside the US, FiOS is Verizon's (major telecommunications company/phone company) fiber optic system for phone, tv and internet broadband.

I think that in addition to getting FiOS tv and internet broadband, I would also get a FiOS phone system but I'm confused about the phone system and before I can ask my question(s), I need to give you some background...

1. I currently have 2 landline phone lines--L1 and L2. L1 is my primary line and I had L2 installed when I got my first modem many, many moons ago. If I were to sign up for a FiOS-based phone system, I don't want to continue paying for 2 phone landlines--I might continue to pay for one landline for my modem but that's a separate issue.

2. I have both L1 and L2 jacks in my office/den where I have my pc. L2 is my DSL line and using a DSL filter I have my modem plugged into that line--I use my modem for sending/receiving faxes.

3. My living room only has the L1 jack.

4. Due to my hearing loss, I use a special telephone called a CapTel (captioned telephone) and the phone is in my living room. I cannot use my current CapTel phone with FiOS.

5. There is a new CapTel phone available which will work with FiOS but it requires broadband access to work--in addition to whatever sort of phone system one has--and it requires a physical connection (via ethernet cable) to a router.

6. I want to use this new CapTel phone in my living room.

7. From the research I have done on FiOS phone systems, it is my understanding that I will continue to use the phone jack(s) I have now but instead of data being transmitted via landline copper wire, the fiber optic cable (magically) replaces the copper wire and Verizon provides some sort of router.

8. I think what I would need in the living room is a wifi router but as much as I know about computer systems, this is an area that basically gives me a headache when I try to wrap my mind around it.

9. I think that the wifi router in the living room would communicate with the router in my office/den--not sure if the den router would also need to be wifi.

What do I need to get to use the new CapTel phone in my living room?


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