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Andrew B.
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Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
I have 200GB storage now, but on two drives. I hate putting all my eggs in one basket, but I see that one use for that FW800 is for an external drive, so that is probably what I would do. (Yes, we do use a lot of Firewire, but I had never run into FW800 before.)
Oh, I didn't pay attention. I don't know what FW800 is. Will that kind of firewire work with hard disks. If not, I guess you can use the USB2.

Anyway, I'm in a similar boat. I am using two 80gig drives now. Having two drives has come in handy. When one starts to go bad, I can quickly move files to another hard disk. Or, keep the software on one, files on the other. Then access time is faster because two sets of heads are at work.

Funny thing, though. At work my computer has one big drive, I don't notice a slow down because of this, and in some ways it make life easier. So I'm pondering one drive for everything. Plus an external for safety reasons and backups.

Intel Core 2 Duo processors (2.16, or as much as 2.33 GHz)
1GB (up to 3GB) RAM (2 slots)
Those CPUs are not slow. My home computer is 2.4 GHz but not dual core. And it gets the job done. But it is lagging behind other CPUs that are up above 3GHz. I just don't know if this makes a real difference. Maybe someone else does.

As for RAM, I'm running on 1 gig at home with no problems. For my new computer I'm thinking of two gigs. I'm not sure why. I can't really justify it. Except that I have 2 gigs at work, and I've actually needed it there.
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