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judy: My ADSL is 1.5 Mbps for downloads and maybe a fourth of that or slower for uploads. I do get the download speed nearly all the time and I don't do that much uploading.
That's not too bad...

>>If it's our phone wiring, we'd have to pay to fix it.

I'm chicken so I pay monthly for the inside wiring insurance...'-}}

>>It could also be distance from the so-called central office.

That was the reason originally for my only being able to get ADSL when I first looked into getting broadband service. It always amazed me because my condo complex sits in the middle of a relatively high tech corridor; however, I also wasn't sure if everyone in my complex was in the same situation because I have a "metro" phone exchange number. When I moved to Reston, VA calling MD was a long distance call with the "standard" exchange number so I paid an extra $10/month for my "metro" exchange number (I had a lot of friends in MD that I called regularly--needless to say, this was before I lost my hearing...'-}}) and after about a year, the monthly cost was reduced to $.50/month and then went away entirely.

Anyway, I think that "metro" number went through a different phone exchange office so if I wanted broadband via DSL, I would have had to settle for ADSL which is why I ended up going with Comcast broadband initially. About 2-3 years ago, it was no longer a problem and Verizon offered speeds up to 6Mbps with some attractive goodies thrown in ($70 rebate for dropping Comcast for example) and a lower rate for the same speed I was getting from Comcast so I switched...

>>Since I live in a rural area, it's amazing that I get DSL at all, and there's no cable available.

The woman who owns the barn where I board my horse Zo was having a real problem when she retired from her job because she'd used her work account for email. I had tried to find a service provider--even dial-up--and it was a real problem until I stumbled across Cricket and they had coverage in her area so she ordered it. Unfortunately, they neglected to tell her that the USB modem wouldn't work with Win98SE (she has an old laptop) and I spent 4-5 days getting her laptop upgraded to W2K--it started out simply enough and then one problem after another cropped up...drove me batty but I finally got everything working. She doesn't get great speed but since she's doing mostly email, it's worked out ok for her...

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