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Default Opera questions...

I really like Netscape7.2 for a number of reasons but the primary one is that it allows me to set my cookies file as read-only and I have just a few sites like my bank and couple of others in my cookies file and while cookies get generated, when I shut down Netscape, they are deleted because the file is read-only. The only time I ever get hits when I run adaware or spybot search & destroy is when I've had to use IE (oh gag!!) and I have Firefox set to clear cookies when I shut it down.

Unfortunately, I'm having problems with java when using Netscape and as it's no longer being supported/developed, I know I need to start using another browser.

Firefox is ok particularly now that I've forced it to use my settings for webpages--some pages weren't displaying properly (cleartype was screwed for wikipedia and some mozilla pages)--and found a plug-in so that history shows the date and time and another plug-in that autofills the address/url bar in a way similar to Netscape but the biggest problem I have is the way it handles cookies.

If I set the cookie file to read-only, then it creates a HUGE number of alternate cookie files--one every 4-5 seconds...it's ridiculous!--and there are some cookies that are useful but as I noted above, I've set it to clear cookies when I shut down it down and it's annoying to always have to enter my userids and passwords for sites I visit regularly that I would have saved in my cookies file if I could set it to read-only.

I'd tried Opera a number of times over the last few years and never really took to it but I decided yesterday to try it again and I'm really pleased that I can set read-only on the cookie file and it works just as it does in Netscape.

That said, there are things I don't care for and I'm wondering if, as in Firefox, there might be plug-ins that would help.

I find the way it handles the status bar/progress bar odd. I've set it so it's a pop-up at the bottom of the screen but that can be really annoying on some sites (try it on verizon.com) and I'm wondering if there might be plug-in that makes it work as every other browser does by showing the status in a fixed location at the bottom of the screen.

The autofill is terrible and I can't find an option that might change how it works--it just shows a dropdown window allowing you to choose but I want something that actually fills the url in on the address bar as I type.

It doesn't enter your userid and password (assuming you've set it save them) for sites that require them automatically, you have to ctrl-enter or click on that stupid wand.

The scroll bar is really wide and I can't figure out how to make it narrower.



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