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Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
Much discussion, as ever, on Slashdot about this:
Interesting, thanks for the link. (Obviously I wasn't aware of that since the discussion seems to have taken place while I was still traveling in Central Asia!)

It includes info about who owns the domain of the "better" website,
That's interesting too, since it's different from what I dug up (see the footnote on my post!); the information in that thread seems to be outdated and Michael Sharp now appears only as Technical contact, while domain ownership (both registrant and administrative contact) is Michael Keyser of KeyServices, Inc.

I do not believe (as suggested in that thread) that the page at http://www.asus.co.uk/eeepc/1008HA/features.html is a "scam site": "Asustek Computer Inc." (registrant for the domain asus.co.uk) is ASUS and the main page actually redirects to http://uk.asus.com/ -- instead, I suspect that page was an (early?) PR/Marketing mockup for the 1008HA introduction. (Some images in the "gallery" on that page have an alt text "PR Shot", and there are whole chunks of content commented out.) But the suggestion was that this page links to http://itsbetterwithwindows.com/ but this is not (no longer?) the case. It's also a bit odd that the main image (the machine on the beach with some shells) has been (rather clumsily) edited to delete the little crab, making logical nonsense of the track behind the machine on the left. The page as a whole just looks like an (abandoned) work in progress, especially if you look at the source code.

Still, the role of KeyServices, Inc., and who their actual client is (if they actually exist and if there is an actual client...) is still a riddle; no reply so far from Mr. Eric Keyser.

and the useful advice that if you buy a PC with Windows and put Linux on it, you should "return" the Windows OS and claim a refund.
Nice idea.

One thing is clear: the page and the video on it may be unprofessional, but one way or another there's a clever bit of marketing going on here. I do wonder if ASUS is actually behind it, or if someone is trying to pull their leg, or Microsoft's.

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