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Default Intel Macs doing Windows??

I'm hoping to buy a new computer in the next few months, and although I don't think I can change platforms from PC to Mac, I thought I should at least investigate the possibility. The only reason I'd even consider the switch is that there are apparently no more PC custom builders, so I'm gonna have to buy a "corporate" product.

A hard-core Mac junkie friend of mine insists that I would be able to run all of my Windows DTP programs on an Intel Mac (using Parallels or similar). And that using a Mac would change my life.

Has anyone actually tried running the biggies -- QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. -- on Windows running on an Intel Mac? I read one article in the Washington Post -- about Parallels, IIRC -- and it said that some Windows programs either wouldn't run, or wouldn't run properly.

Unless I'm convinced that Windows (and the DTP programs that I rely on) would run pretty much seamlessly on the Mac (and I have difficulty believing that they would), I don't think I can switch horses. I'm not worried about the cost of the Mac, but the cost of replacing the software would be a real deterrent. And the fonts! What would I do about my thousands (yes, thousands) of PC fonts?? The OTs would not be a problem, but most of them are PS. Even if it would be legal to convert them to Mac format, it would take forever.

What I'm looking for is impartial advice (if such a thing exists in the platform choice issue) from people who have used both Mac and PC.

If I bought a Mac, it would open a whole can of worms. Unless there's a way to add SCSI to a new Mac (which I doubt, since SCSI seems to be going the way of the horse and carriage), I'd have to give up using my beloved Cheetah hard drives. And my slide scanner is SCSI. Yeah, I could keep the old PC as a scanning station, but building an addition onto the house to make room for an additional computer setup would be too pricey.

FWIW, the main reason I want a new computer is that I need more memory (1.5 GB doesn't cut it anymore) and faster processors, and I am not going to upgrade this one (don't even suggest it, it ain't gonna happen).

Let the games begin ...

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