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Stephen Owades
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Originally Posted by ktinkel
Nice for those who can use MSIE. But version 5 doesn’t do that well here. Safari is okay except using the text editor is a pain.

What’s weird, though, is that it doesn’t affect everyone, on either platform. Ann had no trouble with those screens, and she is also using Firefox on a Mac. And Steve Owades did have, in Windows. (But not in MSIE 6.)

It's the hit-or-miss aspect that has me puzzled.
A new version of Mozilla Firefox (1.0.1) was released yesterday, and I downloaded and installed it. It does not cure the expanding-message-tree problem in this forum, unfortunately.

I've done some more experimenting with the situation, and the way it behaves is quite interesting. The width of the message-tree frame starts out matching the width of other frames when I select a message thread, and it changes as I adjust the width of the browser window. But once I start clicking on individual messages within that frame, the right edge of the frame grows with each click, and after a modest number of clicks it has expanded beyond the width of the browser window. Once it has started growing in that way, it will not contract when the window is made narrower. Expanding the browser window will expand the message-tree frame, and contracting the window will contract that frame, but the narrowing stops at the width it had reached as of the last message click (I hope that makes some sense!).

If I remember to start off with a browser window that's narrower than my screen, I can expand the browser window and "buy" a number of clicks, but this is clumsy. I hope the problem can be identified and solved.

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