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Default Mac to PC JPEG problem

One of our clients (not for my web stuff) has sent a series of JPEG files from a Macintosh. I have been unable to open them in any Adobe or Corel products or any image viewer that I have. They have JPG extensions, so Windows thinks that they're JPEG files, but as soon as I try to open them, software says that they're the wrong format and refuses to open them. I've looked at the file in a text viewer and it's a binary and looks like a JPEG to me. It looks like it was generated by Adobe Photoshop CS2. I'm thinking this has some sort of Macintosh meta data prepended to the file, and I just need to trim it off. I used to have a little utility in DOS that I used years ago for trimming Mac files, but I haven't run into this problem in a while, and I don't know where that DOS utility might be (on some 5.25 disc I'm sure). I've also fiddled with Stuffit to see if it was some BINHex problem, but I'm pretty sure that's not it, as I can see by looking at it that it's rather JPEG-looking. Stuffit doesn't work on it either, though.

I've read on the web that there's some way on the Mac version of Photoshop for the user to save it in a "web friendly" format, but I don't know if I want to have the client have to go back and re-save all the files if I can make it work here.

I'm attaching it in case anyone wants to have a go at it and give me a suggestion.
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