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Default The aftermath...'-}}

Sooo...early yesterday evening after 4 days of furiously obsessive work on my part, my sister and her 2 laptops left on their merrry way back to ME early this morning...'-}}

I must say that cleaning up and tweaking the old Dell laptop (17") wasn't quite as awful as I thought it would be but I MBAM did find 292!!! adware/spyware/crapware goodies and her IE was just ghastly with about a third of the display screen taken over by various "helpful" toolbars. It was so bad that my sister had taken to creating desktop shortcuts of websites she wanted to revisit because she had trouble finding them through all the muck on the IE screen...'-}}

By the time I finished uninstalling stuff--let's hear it for Revo Uninstaller!--IE was pristine and actually usable. I updated to IE8 and as reluctant as I am to say this, I'm impressed with IE8 and left it as her default browser...

Speaking of being impressed, I was when I saw that she had Acrobat on her system...impressed until I opened it and realized that she'd never used it--witness the request for a serial number. I asked her if she knew what Acrobat was and she gave me a blank look. I figured she must have been trying to download Acrobat Reader and got confused and she said, yes, that's what had happened...'-}}

I was quite surprised to discover that the laptop had only a 52GB harddrive--I think she ordered this in maybe 2004 or 2005--and she only had about 15GB of free space. By the time I was done uninstalling unneed and unused crap, she had 30GB of free space--it also helped to delete who knows how many MB/GB worth of Temporary Internet files, Temp files and cookies on her system...some went back to 2004...'-}}

I got McAfee uninstalled pretty easily--thanks to Hugh for that antivirus uninstallers link which lead me to McAfee's clean up app. I installed Avira and ran into an odd and somewhat scary glitch in that when the scan had scanned a portion of System Volume Information folder it not only aborted Windows but actually shut down the laptop! It took me a couple of scan passes to figure out it was happening in System Volume Information and then a bit of research to find out that folder holds the System Restore info.

In Revo Uninstaller, I had left "create a restore point" checkmarked because I wasn't sure about all the stuff I was uninstalling and I think that may be what caused the problem. The webpage I found with info on Avira and System Volume Information suggested turning off System Restore which causes Windows to clear the folder and that's when I discovered that it was over 6GB in size! I unchecked "allow system restore" and it took a good few minutes to clear that folder and Avira was then able to successfully complete the full scan. I turned System Restore back on but reset the size to just under 1GB--reran the Avira scan after turning restore back on and it worked just fine.

All in all, while its got a slow processor, it's running much better now and I think my sister will find it much more usable...

On the HP Win7 laptop we decided to go with just one user--Admin--because given the new approach to Explorer (UGH!!!), we both thought it would be too confusing to have her data in two different places--I was concerned about future software she might install putting her data in the standard Windows "my document" folders to create a folder for her data "outside" the default Windows folders. IE9 is less impressive than IE8 and so we decided to have Firefox set as her default browser on the small laptop.

I was able to transfer her data from the Dell to the HP laptop with no problems using my external hardddrive. I was also able to get the data somewhat organized so she could more easily work with it. One of the last things I did was to install IrfanView on both laptops and get her photos all in one master folder--not "My Pictures"!

By the time my sister left my place early Saturday evening I was exhausted but I think she was happy...'-}}


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