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Default First FrameMaker 8 announcement

I attended the STC conference in Minneapolis last week where some features of the next FrameMaker were released. The following is a quotation from someone on Adobe's Frame forums.
Today at the STC conference, Adobe's RJ Jacquez did tell (and demo) some things:

  • Unicode support apparently throughout, including dialog boxes and PDF publishing (bookmarks, etc). Angelic choir chimes in now...
  • Built-in change tracking using conditional text-like mechanisms. He said that (paraphrased) "Word has historically done [revision tracking] much better than Frame, but no more." What I saw looked cool, but I'd really be impressed if it was as good as Word.
  • Support for referencing Acrobat 3D and Flash objects, such that they work in PDFs. I wasn't clear on the level of animation support that will be actually available in the FM authoring environment.
  • More advanced mechanisms for showing/hiding conditional text, in which you construct logical expressions for output that support AND and OR logic. Reminds me of what I saw on a Madcap Blaze or Flare demo once, I can't remember which.
  • Customizable colors for conditional text indicators.
  • Automatic color generation for overlapped conditions that represents some sort of mix of those that are applied. IOW, no more automatic magenta text... Frame tries to blend the colors for the applicable conditions. Kind of weird and not the solution to native conditional text woes, but definately better.
  • Better accessibility to structure-related tools through a new menu, although I wasn't clear on whether there was really any improvement, or just a new menu.
  • New menu commands for "Save as PDF" and "Save as XML". Really just a shortcut for doing this, versus using the usual Save As dialog, selecting the format, changing the extension, etc.
That's all I remember. Cheers.

Obviously Unicode support is a huge one, especially for those of us in the localization industry. One thing to add - someone in the audience asked if the new version would have right-to-left support and the answer was "no."


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