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Originally Posted by Bo Aakerstrom View Post
http://docs.scribus.net/ might be a good place to start. Some of the basics as regards to the technical side of things can be found here too (i.e. file formats, colour space, image resolution, etc.).
Both my cousin and I have already found that - I do plan to work through some of the tutorials before trying to do any 'real' work!

Originally Posted by Bo Aakerstrom View Post
It is a good idea to find a printing company and talk to them about what their specific requirements are before supplying anything to print.
I'm thinking of using either Blurb or Lulu and believe both (at least Blurb) have good instructions online. There are some other options as well - I haven't decided yet.

Originally Posted by Bo Aakerstrom View Post
Editing photos using The GIMP might appeal to your preferences as well!

Free and open source is good, I only use one application that isn't on a regular basis (an old version of ACD Canvas, but that came with a magazine so that hardly counts...).
As long as I'm still working on Windows (*cough*) I'm fairly stuck in my ways. I'm using Helicon Filter (which I love) in combination with Paint Shop Pro X, with one plugin I rather rely on: Focus Magic.

I have Gimp, but not invested a lot of time in learning it yet - but I was able to help my cousin with some rather advanced image editing (to bring out very vague details): I knew what I was looking for - it was just a matter of finding it in the menu. I may set up Windows in a virtual machine just so I can still use my old programs and plugins if needed...

(But no hurry - first I still have to 'convert' a ton of photo descriptions on RedBubble since they made changes resulting in many broken links... and they just announced a new change resulting in even more conversion work )

Originally Posted by Bo Aakerstrom View Post
BTW if you haven't got version 1.4.0 (released 2012.01.01) I advice you to get that as it is a big improvement on the old stable release.
Thanks for the tip - I'll inform my cousin as well! (We actually have 1.4.0.rc6)

Anyway, glad to know there are (is) at least Scribus users here!

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