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Default My new old iMac blueberry

Someone has given me an ancient iMac blueberry, which I primarily will be using to retrieve old Mac files from CDs and DVDs.

I had a lot of trouble copying the files from the CDs and DVDs to my PC, possibly because of forbidden characters in the filenames, or maybe there are just errors on the disks -- whatever. In any case, I hooked up the iMac to an external DVD drive and was able to painlessly copy the files from one of the problematic CDs to the iMac HD. So now I can double-check filenames, change 'em if necessary, and sling 'em back to the PC.

So now I've got Mac questions. OS is 9.2 -- I see that on the splash screen. How do I find out how much RAM it has, and the HD capacity (can't be much, because there's not much on the drive, and it's got less than 4 GB free!).

How do I delete programs?

Is it still possible to buy a version of Stuffit that'll run on 9.2? (I anticipate needing to Stuff files and sneakernet them for now using thumb drives.)

Is there software in the OS for burning CDs, or do these old iMacs have read-only CD drives?

Anyone know where I can find a user manual online? I did a little googling but didn't find one.

Will I be able to network this thing with my PC? FWIW, I network through my FiOS router. There's a port on the iMac that looks to be a Cat-5 port (with an inscrutable icon I can't interpret). Does that mean the iMac has a NIC?

If I buy an external drive for it, do I need to get one that's specifically for Macs?

I think this might be an iMac 350, which would probably answer some of my own questions. I think it's got a 6 GB HD. 64 MB of RAM. No FW. CD drive is read-only, so there wouldn't be any SW for burning.

Is there an inexpensive Mac program for burning CDs (to my external USB burner)?

I'm sure I'll have more questions ...


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