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Default Monitor Formats

Long before I owned a computer, I used to try to discern the literary formats of ancient documents, and I would cut out blocks of thought units and tape them all over the wall of a spare room. It was a different way of thinking about how thought can be represented on paper. Actually, some of the designs could be extremely elaborate and ornate, and so beautiful, seeming like works of genius (ancients used parallel thought units, rather than paragraphs, or sentences as we know them). However, they reminded me somewhat of Gabriele Luser Rico's book Writing the Natural Way: Using Right Brain Techniques to Release Your Expressive Powers. Rico's method of initially creating associated thinking on a subject as a way of finding content and structure for a composition is also a different way of setting out thought units on paper, that has certain parallels to ancient writing, and that conforms more naturally to how the mind really works, which is why the technique is so successful.

People say that with the advent of computer monitors new font designs have become a part of our life. But how about the monitor screen as initiating new formats of arranging and representing thought? After five years, I am finishing research for an article I would like to write which normally would be extremely long and very complex. However, my objective is to take a reader with an average education directly to the most significant pieces of evidence, rendering concise lines of argument and content summaries to crucial yet still less significant positions. People don't have time to read, even if subjects are made easy, no matter how much the topic may affect their lives or involve great issues of injustice.

So, I was sitting at the dining room table (why do I have those desks??) wondering how to put everything on paper, or I mean on the monitor. I know I have a unique opportunity for presenting my position as it will appear on a computer monitor, which is a different way to perceive a line of thought. But how do I most effectively lay out on a monitor the killer pieces of evidence to take a reader directly to their dramatic impact, and have them all framed with the compact but crucial arguments and summaries?? I just don't think that conventional literary formats can accomplish my objectives, because I am trying to reduce very complex thought units to extremely small spaces.

And then, it occurred to me -- I used to tape thought units on the wall where my library is. Hmm-- but where might one find new ways of structuring and presenting thought suited for a monotor screen??


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