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Steve Rindsberg
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Default Macs 'n monitors

This is a bit long, but I figured it'd be easier if I got the BT/DT/NoJoy stuff out of the way in one swell foop.

I have a Mac mini (summer/fall 2010 vintage) that I use with a monitor that I also use with a PC from time to time. And therein lies the problem. If I unplug the monitor from the Mac or start the Mac up with the monitor detached, I can't find a way to get it to recognize the monitor once I plug it back in.

The only solution I've found ... not one I'm at all fond of ... is to use the power switch on the Mac.

I'm thinking that Find Displays would force it to recognize the display; it always seems to work when other Macs refuse to auto-recognize projectors 'n such. I've poked around and found lists of keyboard shortcuts including some that supposedly force a Find Displays. They all seem to be lists for much older OSX versions. So far nothing's worked.

I figured a KVM switch would be a better bet but no joy there either. I've tried two different KVM switches and run into the same problem. I thought the KVMs would present a resistance load that'd fool the Mac into thinking there was a monitor there, but apparently not. It simply won't feed video to the switch/monitor. One of the switches, in fact, is (a bit too) smart ... if it sees a signal from the computer on one port but not the other, it automatically switches to that port. I can manuall switch to the Mac but it never sees anything and kicks back to the PC.

Steve Rindsberg
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