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Default DVR help...

Can anyone tell me about DVRs? I know what they do but what I'm confused about is about Tivo and other services like Tivo--HomeRun for example. From what (little) I understand, with Tivo/others you buy the device and then you have to pay a monthly fee. Is that correct?

Are there DVRs that you just buy the DVR device and there are no other fees? Do all DVRs accept cable cards?

I don't actually want a DVR but I've been told by Verizon FiOS (fiber optic subscription tv service here in the US) techs that FiOS set top boxes do not support the digital closed caption options 2-6--only option "1" is supported and it's basically a bad imitation of the old analog/SD tv closed captions and the captions are essentially unreadable. The FiOS techs are suggesting I get a DVR device like Tivo which does support options 2-6 and use a FiOS cable card. Comcast's set top boxes (with or without a dvr) support option 1 and options 2-6--I use option "3" most of the time--so it's not a technical issue but a decision made by Verizon not to support the other digital close caption options.

It seems to me to be quite unfair that to access the other digital closed caption options--to get readable closed captions--I have to buy a Tivo/other device, pay for Tivo/other service and pay for FiOS tv service so I'm trying to find out if I've misunderstood how all this works.



PS: What started this is that Comcast increased my monthly charge and since I have FiOS for broadband and phone, if I were to add tv, I could be a better monthly rate--there is no way I'd use Comcast for broadband and phone.
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