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Default Trying to center a graphic and text

Help needed with a weird CSS problem:

I'm trying to create a header for some webpages that includes text against a graphic background. The graphic in question has left-ear and right-ear images, then some text in an ornate font in the upper center and a blank area below it. This graphic was created in Photoshop Elements and saved as a PNG file. I want:

1) the graphic to be centered on the page
2) the page title to be centered on the page, overlying the graphic, and positioned so it falls into the blank area below the text-in-graphic.

I'm trying for a generic solution here, the same header method to be used on a bunch of pages with a bunch of different text titles, so anything that uses direct positioning is not a usable solution. After some experimenting, I found a sequence of style commands that looked like it should work. The HTML is:

<div class="centertext">
<div id="pageheader">
<h3 id="pagehdrtxt"><a href="index.html">Page Title</a></h3>

The corresponding CSS commands are:

.centertext {

#pageheader {
background: #F5F5DC url(png/pageheader.png) no-repeat;

#pagehdrtxt {

This looks like it should work. It does work in my HTML editor's preview and in MSIE 6.0, placing the graphic nicely centered on the page, the title text nicely centered within the graphic, and moved down by the 50-pixel margin so it appears in the blank area of the graphic. However, the exact same code fails badly in Firefox 2 and Opera 9. The header graphic is left-justified, not centered. The title text is centered horizontally within the graphic, but has a zero top margin, so it overlies the ornate text that's part of the graphic. I've tried changing every aspect of both code and styles that I can think of, and nothing has worked.

What am I doing wrong here?
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