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Barrie Greed
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That's a big decision you have to make, Barrie.

It is and to make it harder I am completely undecided. Losing £1,000 is not the issue. I would prefer not to but I am hardly going to be destitute if I do. After 100 days of lockdown it would be nice to be able get a change of scenery. However, at my age I am fairly vulnerable to Covid-19 so is it worth the risk?

In some ways it might be safer in Spain. The number of new cases is about a third of the UK figure. The Villa is entirely self contained so apart from a trip to the supermarket I should not be interacting with anyone. The Spanish seem to be better at wearing masks. (It is all a bit wishy washy in the UK. Masks are recommended in enclosed areas but at my local supermarket only about one third of the customers are wearing masks and none of the staff.)

The problem is getting there. There is no way I would squeeze into an aluminium tube with 150 other people. So I would have to drive. I would feel safe enough in the car but it would mean at least one overnight stop in a hotel (I am too old now to drive to Spain non-stop) and 4 or 5 comfort break stops where I could fill up on food and fuel. It is these random stops where you don't have much control which worry me most.

At the moment I'm against it. Tomorrow I will probably see another weather forecast for a week more of rain and wind and be tempted again.

We are opening up interstate movements again in the next 10 days or so, but none of the other states is allowing anyone from Victoria across the border without self-isolation after arrival.

I hear Melbourne is back in lockdown. We have a local lockdown here in Leicester and I would not be surprised to see Bradford, Barnsley and Rochdale in lockdown soon also.

For the moment here in the South West is one of the safest places to be in the UK. How far that will survive the opening up of pubs, restaurants, hotels and campsites this coming Saturday and the rush of holidaymakers which follows I am not sure.

Barrie Greed
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