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Default A tangled mess... OS9, OSX, Quark, and Suitcase

Howdy, All,

My spouse has decided it's time to resume using Quark to work on DTP activities.

Problem: He can't get Suitcase 3.0 running on his G5, under a Classic environment.

Background: Brent has two computers. The G3 works, but it's out of date, running OS 8. He has Quark 5 and Suitcase 3 on it, but it doesn't have a recent browser or mail client (so he can't see most web pages or handle correspondence on it). He also has a G5, with OS X (10.3.9), with an OS 9 Classic environment. The Classic environment was copied from a G4 that was failing (I'm guessing hard drive failure, as files were getting corrupted). That Classic environment also includes Quark 5 and Suitcase 3.

Brent can open Quark files ok, but when he goes to edit, he cannot load the fonts. Suitcase complains

The Suitcase Extension did to load properly
at system startup.
Some Suitcase operations, such as opening
fonts, will not be available.
Sure enough, we cannot find a Suitcase extension in the Classic System folder.

I looked on the G3, and found the Suitcase extension. I copied it to the G5's Classic System folder, but the Classic environment doesn't see the extension when it is restarted. I restarted the Classic environment, and even restarted the entire G5, but the extension isn't recognized.

All of the other extensions in that folder are noted by Get Info as extensions (e.g., "Sound Manager" is kind "ColorSync Extension Document"). However, the Suitcase extension is kind "Unix Executable File," and the icon is just a dark rectangle with the word "Exec" in it. On the G3, the Suitcase extension is kind "system extension," and the icon has the Suitcase logo on it.

What do I need to do to get the G5, in the Classic environment, to recognize the Suitcase extension. For example, is there a tool to "register" the extension? By the way, the disks for installation were stolen from a storage unit years ago, so we have no way to install from disk.

I've suggested that he should just bite the bullet and upgrade his G5 to the latest OS X, and get the latest version of Quark (and Suitcase, if still needed), but he won't spend the money. He'd rather spend hours of his (and my!) time trying to work with his current setup). And I'm Mac challenged--any success is a result of hacking around, not because I know what I'm doing!

Any advice to solve the current problem gratefully accepted. ...cheers!
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