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Andrew B.
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Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
Does the Windows disk utility show you the SMART status of the drive? That might be useful. But in any case, I wouldn't hold out that you can fix this with software.
My searching has turned up nothing. I don't think the bios support this. But I asked over at a sony discussion area.

Originally Posted by Benwiggy View Post
And I wouldn't backup the system files. If the disk failure has caused corruption in your system files, then a backup will just pass on that file corruption to the new disk. Better to reinstall the OS afresh.
That's a good point.

I would jump on this except for a couple things. The ticking didn't sound like that typical hard disk sound (although I can't rule it out). The behavior of the computer reminded me more of a memory problem or overheating problem. I also found some notes on the Internet about ticking being from the fan.

Still, there is no denying that my hard disk had some physical problems. Three bad clusters, which I had to repair. And one of of them involved a file I wrote within the last few weeks. But because of the other possibilities, I'm going to do a follow-up scan in a few days and see what's what. It is not so easy for me to get to a store, replace the hard disk, set up the computer again.

After I found the clusters, Windows Backup was able to complete a backup. I also found a backup utility (SyncBackPro) that copies without using proprietary formats. I plan to do daily backup and monitor the hard disk. I didn't test Acronis yet.

Originally Posted by Steve Rindsberg View Post
Did your computer come with restore CD/DVDs or the ability to generate your own? If the latter, you might want to have a go at that soonish, in case the HDD problem gets worse.

Thanks for that. As it happens, I generated the restore discs right after I bought the computer. I just hope the hard disk was okay then. Also generated a Windows boot and repair disc.
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