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Great example (file move with a billion UAC prompts)...

The thing your not realizing ('cause what you're approving isn't what you think you are approving) are things like:

a) the transparent loading of explorer shims when explorer tries to move something (e.g., google toolbar et al., iTunes/QuickTime related viewer/scanner shims, spyware, etc);

b) writing to admin or machine centric instead of user centric areas of the registry when doing so (very common, btw);

c) trying to alter system (or other admin only or better) directories/things.

If I have my Kaspersky (virus scanner/firewall/etc) set to anal retentive mode (in XP) it acts rather like UAC in telling me all of the billion or so potentially very bad things that are happening when I do something simple like move a file.

With OS X they blocked the Finder from seeing portions of bsd-oriented file space (thus the need to use Terminal for some things), they redirect some actions to "do what the user wants not what the user said," etc. For examples, Documents typically means ~/Documents not /Documents (even though on OS 9 it meant the opposite). If you try to move a file to/from /System/Library OS X will just say "no" or "heck no." On Windows lots of apps think they can do whatever they want to whatever they want. No more... On Vista you'll get a UAC prompt for each point of activity where you try to do something like that (or an app silently attempts to do so on your behalf).
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