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Originally Posted by Michael Rowley
Nearly all laser printers have had PS emulation for years, and I suspect that does just as well as genuine PostScript …
That I would not bank on.

It is one thing for someone printing the odd page at home and another for people trying to produce critical output for commercial printing. It has been a few years, but I remember many nightmares from people who tried to rely on clone PostScript.

I think the PDF route should work, so long as there are no font problems. But otherwise? Dunno.

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Michael Rowley
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'I think the PDF route should work, so long as there are no font problems'

That's safe anyway. But I still wonder at the necessity of genuine PostScript printers; it's been many years since PS appeared, and it is impossible to keep something exclusive for all that time. I don't know what is involved, just sceptical.

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Richard Hunt
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Originally Posted by andymcd
by the way...here is a question i'm having trouble answering: do i need postscript? the next model up 2450 supports it, but i'm not sure i need it if all my work is with adobe cs. are there applications that put out raw postscript? any advantage to having this? ...andy
Absolute requirement? No. Nice to have? Yes. The 2350 does PCL6e and PS3, and just occasionally I get a file whih fprints with PS but not PCL or the other way round.

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Howard White
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Originally Posted by andymcd
thanks, all

of course, any more input is welcome. ....andy
o.k. Staples has a sale on the Konica you crave--$100 rebate, or $399.Expires soon.


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