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Default Two parallel printers fight over one port

My current PC has only one parallel port. It currently serves my trusty HP LaserJet 5000.

Someone gave me an old HP color Laserjet 4550, which is also parallel (Mr. Excitement says its parallel connector thingy is not "standard," FWIW).

What's the best way to rig things up so both printers can be connected to the PC at the same time? Should I try one of those parallel-to-USB cables (assuming I find one with the right kind of connector for the 4550)? I saw one at Staples but it was $48, so it stayed at Staples. Not sure it was the right kind anyway.)

Or is there some kind of switch box I can get?

Mr. E's suggestion, by the way, is to hook up the 4550 to the laptop, so every time I want to print to it, I have to fire up the old, slow laptop and transfer the file to it. And in some cases I'll need to create a PDF first since I don't have a lot of apps installed on the laptop.

Anyway, that method just seems like too much trouble (like many of Mr. E's brilliant ideas).

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