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Default Typographic humor...

The Washington Post runs something they call the "Style Invitational" contest every week--I'm sure some of you have seen entries before--and this past week, they printed the results of their Limerick contest and one of the winning entries was:

The calligrapher gained his renown
And her turned his whole trade upside down
With a fancy new script
At which somebody quipped,
"Seems we've got a new serif in town!"

(Brendan Beary, © Copyright 1996-2006 The Washington Post Company)


Another one of his (Beary) won 3rd place but I think it should have been first:

"An allurophobe--ugh", my cats purr.
"Your new girlfriend is worried our fur
Will cause wheezes and hacks
And allergic attacks,
So you shan't cast us Persians on her."

(Brendan Beary, © Copyright 1996-2006 The Washington Post Company)

ROFL!!!! I think it's soooo funny!!!

Note that I'm not sure if they (Brendan Beary??) deliberately misspelled "ailurophobe" (or "aelurophobe") as a play on words but however one spells it, it's someone who either detests cats or has an abnormal fear of them.

To see all the limericks--you may have to register.

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