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Question MacBook to Beamer - what happens?

What happens when I connect my (wide-screen) MacBook to a beamer (projector)? What do I need to know / do to make it work?

I've been asked to give a presentation, and I started by saying "yes", then worrying about how to do that from my new MacBook (Isaac). I know I'll need an adapter thingy, and I think Isaac has a mini-DVI port. I looked at "about this Mac" under the apple menu, but no matter which format (mini/basic/full) I choose, it does not tell me what ports it has. <grumble/>

In Apple help there's a page about recognizing ports - which is no help at all: there's a mini-VGA and a mini-DVI port image and both look like what I have. I assume I'll need a whatever-I-have to VGA adapter to connect to a beamer. "Mirroring" should be automatic.

Next step, I think, would be to go into preferences, select "displays" and then select a resolution that both Isaac and the beamer understand. I checked, and there's at least 800x600 and 1024x768 available; I picked the last to see what happens and I do get a usable screen, and I can easily switch back.

I also read somewhere that for the Mac to recognize the beamer, you need to connect the adapter to the beamer first, and then to the Mac. Or (somewhere else) you need to put the Mac top sleep, then connect the external display, then wake it up again.

How am I doing so far? Anything wrong with the above? Anything else I may need to know or handy tips? I'm not sure I have all the pieces yet (certainly not whether the port is a mini-DVI or a mini-VGA: surely the machine should be able to tell me what it has?).

Also, it would be handy if I could have something to switch between resolutions immediately. Can you somehow "record" the steps to switch to a particular display resolution and then assign a hot key or menu item to it?


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