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Default New mouse!

Just when I got tired of endlessly fiddling when inserting new batteries in my Logitech cordless mouse (great technology but stupidly the contacts for the batteries are very fiddly and fragile, and it often takes three tries to get it working again) I ran into something new at the local electronic shop when I was there to get a couple of cables last week:

A mouse that's wireless, optical, AND battery-FREE! Had to think about that one a bit, but today I went back and got one. The brand is A4 Tech, and it's made in China.

It works by means of induction - old, old technology but with a new application here - and for that reason needs its own mousepad, which comes with a USB cord: that's where the power comes from. And of course the mousepad remains stationary, so even though there is a cord, it's not attached to the mouse and you're not "pushing it around". It comes with a guarantee that it does not interfere with any (other) radio signals.

Installation was a bit fiddly (the install locked up and I had to reboot (using keyboard only!) but once that was done (just point it to Windows' own inf directory - still using keyboard only, you better know how to operate Windows or whatever OS you use with a keyboard!) it started working.

What a treat! The pad is thin (thinner than most mousemats though somewhat thicker than my ultra-thin mousemat), has smooth rounded edges and is the size of a small mousemat. A thicker black rim at the back houses the electronics, two LEDs and a "tune" button to let it find a frequency to work at. The mouse is light and easy to move over the silvery mousepad, and it has the standard two buttons and a mousewheel. It even looks nice, in black and silver with a red LED when in operation.

I'm so happy with this little thingy, I'm tempted to give it its own name.

I'm open to suggestions: what should I call my new all-singing, all-dancing, wireless, optimal, BATTERY-FREE mouse?

(BTW, they have a web site: http://www.a4tech.com - mine's here:

Marjolein Katsma
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