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Originally Posted by Cristen Gillespie View Post
Multiple scans of one image won't get you the depth in the shadows that the d-max of the scanner couldn't reach in the first place. You really do need to look at getting, or renting time on, the Nikon 9000, or 8000 if you know someone with that. I find that if I can get a decent flat scan, I can then process in PS for shadows, midtones and highlights, and combine those. With my (also old) flatbed scanner -- Epson 3200 -- it isn't really worth that much effort, though. I'm working with slides, negs and prints that aren't fine art quality, anyway. I'm getting less than is there on occasion, but still enough for the purpose.

It's a whole lot easier to blend multiple exposures with RAW files, though, than with slides. For slides, there just isn't a substitute for a good scanner.
It's worth mentioning that, effectively, the Nikon scan software lets you create a "RAW" file as a scan: It's something like the raw scan data plus the scan settings separated from them so you can then open the file and change the settings without having to re-scan, and without having to process in a photo editing program. You can do that additionally, of course, but the scan settings themselves can make a lot of difference, too.
(I have an 5000, but I'm assuming the possibilities of the 8000 or 9000's software won't be less. I haven't used it enough yet to be really skilled with it.)

One possible gotcha: the file extension of these "scan-raw" files is the same as RAW files produced by Nikon cameras but the image format is actually different, which may confuse some software.

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