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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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Default Windows 10 is not "One size fits all"

Over in the CompuServe Windows Forum there's a lot of discussion about moving to Windows 10 and much despising of Windows 10 by the elite techies we have who are invaluable for support but I believe have too narrow a view of the Microsoft transformation from Window 7 to 10.

Much is made about the dreadful Start Screen, the use of Tiles instead of a menu structure, and a GUI not suitable for traditional business use on desktops. Although there is a trickle of convertees among them who have actually tried Window 10 especially after unhappy experiences with Windows 8 including some who really laud the ability to travel with a tablet using exactly the same OS and applications as in the Office on desktops and even to link their tablet to the home system.

In a recent thread I found myself posting some surprising discoveries after booting to the Windows 10 Pro testbed using 32 bit version for compatibility with one application that Dottie will not do without. It's set up with a standard LCD 23 in screen.

I do have a touchscreen tablet with 8.1 Standard on it so I do have some experience of that too.

Here's a merged edit of a couple of my posts:


<< So, what tiles open FULL featured programs instead of dumbed down/watered down APPS??? >>

This was a question triggered by my reference to using desktop icons in 7 as if it were a Start Screen but not touch sensitive and I replied:

Every one that I want to have as a Tile is on my StartScreen -- all you have to do is open a Desktop Shortcut's Context menu and select Pin to

And every Tile on my StartScreen by default is only there because I have NOT selected Unpin from Start on its Context Menu.

How extraordinary -- Windows 8.1 which is what is on my tablet at present and I just opened up to check. I'll check the 10 on my desktop later on but I know it also has an easily accessible, word-form All Programs

I took the opportunity just now to remove the OpenDrive tile since I don't use it and to check some of the desktop icons like CCleaner and Revo Uninstaller to see that I could add them as Tiles to the Start Screen if I
wanted to for access but I don't.

But several that might need access from the Start Screen when that is more convenient are already there.

Perhaps your Windows has other facilities you don't know about?

<< Frankly, I don't think icons are like tiles, it is the other way around - tiles are like icons, but aimed at the kids who grew up on Sesame Street and the other tv programs for short attention span learners >>

Nonsense -- my wife was a champion running Air Traffic Control on her TRS-80 II and she appreciates the simplicity of Tiles just as she gets lost on the menu structure of Windows .... and the home phone system because of what she only uses occasionally suddenly become necessary and she has to remember a complex word pattern.

Every human being reacts more quickly to visual instructions once they learn to read them just as they had to learn to read their native language. It's the nature of the beast!

Don't waste your energy on despising what's going to be there whether you like it or not and if you want to stick to what you are used to doing then do so.......


[Here's an Addendum to my earlier reply after going to Windows 10 on my desktop. I learned some useful thing! ]

Firstly those animated tiles you hate -- right mouse click on them to get the Context Menu / Select More / Select the entry Turn Live Tile OFF to stop the animation!

I just did that a few of them and now Outlook / Money and some others are simple static tile links and Xbox and a few others are no longer there while Candy whatever (wherever that came from!) has been
uninstalled ...

There's the Techie Menu you get if you Right Mouse Click on the Start button which contains specific items like Disk Management that you really had to know where it was to find it.

And WINKEY+X, K will take you to Disk Management too -- each item on the menu has a Key letter .....

And there's an All Programs menu in all words with drop down sub-menus that I found hard to distinguish to what I have on 7 except it does not pop out the sub menus.

I hope all those findings aren't because I have the Pro version and not the Standard one.


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