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Default Acrobat - Perseverance wins out in the end...'-}}

...even if it's an aggravating process and I now know why everyone calls it AcroBRAT...'-}}

I had downloaded all of the CS2 programs although I was primarily interested in Acrobat--not that I'm particularly interested in Acrobrat per se but I really, really wanted a working print-to-pdf option because my elderly (ancient?) Distiller 5 from my PageMaker 7 CD is a bit flakey (at best) under Win7 64bit. I installed 7 Standard first and while I had a Distiller shortcut in All Users/Programs, no PDF printer instance was created. After researching a bit, I discovered that this is not an uncommon problem--even with the most current version (10). I tried a few things but basically, it was a no go.

I decided to try the 8 Pro version. The downloaded exe was a bit different from 7 Standard in that you could unpack/expand the downloaded exe file and so after setting the setup.exe to "run as admin", I double-clicked it and the install proceeded in what appeared to be a normal manner. I had read that it might want "adobepdf.dll" which I'd found in the cab file/folder and copied (have to rename "adobepdf.dll_64" to "adobepdf.dll") to a safe place. Maybe the fact that the installation process didn't ask for this file should have given me a clue and I shouldn't have been surprised when not only was there no Distiller shortcut created in All Users/Programs, there was also no PDF printer instance. After browsing around online and not finding much in the way of anything useful, I finally decided to uninstall 8 Pro giving it all up as a useless exercise.

In thinking about it, I realized that what I really wanted was just something that would allow me to print to pdf so I started looking for that sort software. I found a few that were not only free but had decent reviews, downloading them to try. In my wanderings I stumbled across a blog post on installing Pro 8 that approached things a little differently than I had and before I started testing print-to-pdf software, I decided to try installing Pro 8 one more time.

This time, I set the downloaded exe to "run as admin" and double-clicked on it (rather than unpacking it first). It asked me where I wanted to save the software (these are the installation files, not the installed software and I saved it to a folder where I have my downloaded files) and if I wanted to "Launch" or open the installation folder, I chose "Launch" which started the installation process and this time time I was prompted for adobepdf.dll (I navigated to where I had it saved). In the end, not only did I have a PDF printer instance, I also had a Distller shortcut in All Users! Then of course, I had to install all the update patches--there are something like 14 of them and they have to be installed in order from 8.1 to 8.3.1--and when that was done, I had working software.

YAY! for me...'-}}

I will probably never use Acrobat but I use Distiller and the PDF printer instance all the time. I'm still not sure why the install via unpacked/expanded setup.exe didn't work but I'm glad I tried the process again. On the successful install, before starting the install I set my HP2200 Postscript printer instance as the default printer and had the printer turned on along with allowing the install to included the PDFMaker subset (allows "direct" PDF creation from Word, Excel, etc.--ugh!) which I'd not included in my first install because I don't have Office. I don't know if that also might have been a factor in a more successful installation.

At any rate, I'm pleased because I now have access to all the options within Distiller...


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