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Andrew B.
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Default ACDSee 15 (win)

ACD is a company that I generally have bad feelings about. Beginning with ACDSee 3, problems began to show up in stability. Skip ahead to ACDSee 12, which I voted the software most likely to freeze. Thing is though, there are things that are just easier to do with ACDSee. So I never completely abandoned it.

A few days ago I downloaded ACDSee 15. What I was hoping is it would not freeze up anymore, but I fully expected that they had broken something else that worked before. But so far it seems to be working okay. I hope it lasts. Some software just seems to go bad the longer it's installed. But for now, I'm hoping their quality control went up.

Since version 12 they added a handy feature. Hold down the mouse button and it zooms the image to actual size. Release it and it's back to where it was before. Or, click the button and it stays at actual size. Click again and it goes back. Flip to the next image and it is still actual size, and panned to the same place as it was on the previous image. I don't know how many people besides me would like this, but this is very helpful for me if I want to focus on the subject's face for a series of images. It's not perfect, but usually the face is still in view when I move to the next image. Saves a lot of panning.

What would be even better is if it could do face recognition, and then pan and zoom so the face is centered on the screen. I know this is possible, because Skype does it. But back to this zoom feature. In in true ACD fashion they didn't implement this feature fully. If the actual size is smaller than the display size, I cannot click again and it returns to view size. Luckily, this is not my common scenario.

Anyway, my needs are very simple. I use it mostly as a viewer and file manager. I don't use any of its tagging, grouping, or editing abilities. So I really didn't test much. And I wasn't going to post at all, except it's great to get through the day without ACDSee freezing.

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