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Default CorelDraw transparency/color mode questions

I inherited a rush job. The client's designer sent me her "files in progress." The cover of the publication was set up in CorelDraw.

I redid the cover in Quark (5 for Windows), since I prefer to work in a page layout program, but one of the graphics from the CD file doesn't work right in Quark. It's a piece of clip art that looks like it started life as a WMF (all those points!), although that's probably irrelevant.

I know very little about CD (haven't really worked with in years, just use it to open CD files when necessary), and know nothing about how it handles tranparency effects. The graphic seems to have some kind of transparency effect where "brush strokes" overlap.

The graphic was RGB, so I converted the colors to CMYK in CD. I just bumbled my way through it -- double-clicked on the color swatches and changed from RGB to CMYK in the box that popped up. Is there an easier or better way?

When I export as EPS and import into Quark, either the transparency isn't working right or the colors aren't right -- it's possible I screwed up something when I changed the colors to CMYK. When I distill the file, there are areas in the graphic that are much lighter than they ought to be. (Especially when I compare it to a PDF created directly from the CorelDraw file.)

What I've done for now as a workaround is leave the graphic on the solid background color in CorelDraw (deleting all the other elements -- photos and text -- that I prefer to position in Quark) and exported that as an EPS.

I imported that EPS into Quark and now it looks fine when I distill it. I can certainly live with this, if that seems like a legit way to handle the problem. One possible glitch is that the background color is a metallic. I'm going to check with my client and make sure she wants the metallic, and if so, I guess I'll need to check with the printer -- I haven't worked with metallic inks and imagine there are some issues I'll need to know about (trapping, etc.).

If that solid metallic background is in the imported CorelDraw EPS file, might that cause problems?

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions. Right now I'm working with a demo version of CorelDraw 12, since the latest version I own is CorelDraw 9 (which would not open the client's file).

The CorelDraw file (of just the background color and graphic) is tiny -- less than 25 KB -- so if my explanation makes no sense and anyone wants to look at the file, I can send/upload it.


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