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Default Classic ASP VBScript code help please!

I am using this script to make breadcrumbs from the directory structure of an ASP site.
Function BreadCrumb(FullPath)
Do Until instr(1,FullPath,"/") = 0
    '## Create an array of letters in the alphabet.
    Letters = array("a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h","i","j","k","l","m","n","o","p","q","r","s","t","u","v","w","x","y","z")
    '## split on the /
    tmpPath = mid(FullPath,1,instr(1,FullPath,"/")-1)
    strTmpPath = Trim(tmpPath)
    DirPath = DirPath & strTmpPath & "/"
    '## upshift the first character
    firstLetter = ucase(mid(strTmpPath,1,1))
    strTmpPath = firstLetter & mid(strTmpPath,2,len(strTmpPath))
    '## replace underscores with spaces and upshift the following character
    for each letter in letters
        strTmpPath = Replace(Trim(strTmpPath),"_" & lcase(letter)," " & UCase(letter))
    '## split the next one out    <----------------------
    FullPath = mid(FullPath,instr(1,FullPath,"/")+1,Len(FullPath)-Len(tmpPath))
    '## separate them with >> symbols
    IF strTmpPath = "" THEN
        response.write "<a href=""/"" style=""text-decoration:none"">Home Page</a>"
    ELSEIF strTmpPath = "Home" THEN
        response.write " &gt; <a href=""" & DirPath & """ style=""text-decoration:none"">" & strTmpPath & "</a>"
    END IF
IF PageTitle = "" THEN
    response.write " : Current Page"
    response.write " : " & PageTitle
End Function %>
It replaces the first underscore with a space, and capitalises all words but doesn't replace a second underscore, for example in "facts-and-figures", one gets "Facts And_Figures".

I think the error is just after the comment marked with <--------, but my brain is mush today and I can't see why. All assistance gratefully received.
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