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Steve Rindsberg
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Default Front Page, How Do I Hate Thee ...

It's an odd thing. Some people seem to get along fine with MS Front Page. Sure, the HTML may be ugly but let's not go there.

I can't quite put my finger on why, but by turns it enrages or mystifies me.
No, that's not quite true. The two don't share and share alike. It enrages far more than it mystifies.

Perhaps it's a combination of weirdness between it and the unix-based ISP I use. For example, I've got a separate site with them that has FP extensions enabled. This just so I could learn more about FP. Changed the password on the account for various reasons and that works fine but apparently that doesn't "take" for the FP end of things. It still insists on the old password.


And I'm not allowed to create subwebs. And it doesn't appear to permit alotting permissions by user category.

Is this normal or is it peculiar to my ISP?

Or maybe I'm looking for too much? My idea was this: I work with a couple of nonprofits. Sometimes they have a real web designer, sometimes somebody who's at least competent with FP and can do the web work. I'm trying to host the files is all. By setting up a separate site I was hoping to be able to turn over the password to <whomever> and let them do updates rather than having them send me the changed files and letting me send them up (a bigger PITA than you'd believe once you toss in random filename changes that break links, upper/lowercase vagaries and the rest).

I was further hoping that I could set up various directories, each accessible as a separate site (all with a shared password if need be ... and with the understanding that if the password gets out and stuff starts to go awry, I shut everybody down, end of story.)

While the immediate need is met (one site, one user with FP able to update it) the other ideas seem to have run into a brick wall.


Steve Rindsberg
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