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Originally Posted by Kalliope View Post
Yes, some pages would be portrait and some landscape. My co-worker is working on a document that has tables that need to be in landscape, but the rest of the document is portrait.
Normally, tables that run wide are printed sideways on the portrait pages. I will assume you mean that, and not that you mean to bind wide and narrow pages in a single publication.

One method would be to leave a blank page in the main document where the tables are to appear, create the tables in a separate file, then rotate them and place them one by one on the blank pages. If you use a table-making utility, it is relatively easy, as they are separate files. Or you could make one-page PDFs of the tables and place them, rotated, in the main document.

Or if you are sending a PDF to the printer, make two PDFs (first rotating the one with tables to the portrait format), then replace the blank pages in the main document with the tables from the second.

Other solutions to this sort of problem could include breaking the table across regular portrait pages so half is on the left page, the other half on the right. This takes a bit more effort in the layout and can pose some binding difficulties (do not run rules across, for example, as they may not align perfectly), but is much easier on readers as they can consult the table while reading the normal text.

Or do I misunderstand?

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