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Since I always use the plain-text editor I have no "italics button" to click - I just type codes. When I want to quote only a little (or nothing at all), I use Quick Reply, then use copy-and-paste from what I want to quote and just surround it with the quote "tags". For easier typing, it's good to know that every BBcode "tag" can be in lowercase as well. So this works, too:
HTML Code:
[quote=Andrew B.]To do this, highlight your text and click the italics button.[/quote]
That also works quite well to break up a whole quoted message into separate parts: just end a quote by adding an "end quote" tag and start a new one by copying and pasting the first "start quote" tag.

And now that we've both shown code, here's how to do it:
PHP Code:
[code]This is code[/code
will result in:
This is code
Unfortunately this forum knows only three "languages": HTML, PHP and "other code", corresponding to "html", "php" and "code" tags. PHP code will be (somewhat nicely) syntax-highlighted. If you need to show BBcode as code, wrap it in html or php tags; if you wrap it in code tags, the embedded code will be interpreted, not treated as code! (In fact, code tags wrapped in html tags will also be interpreted, so using php tags for showing BBcode is actually the best strategy (as demonstrated above).

The main advantage of the various code tags is that all whitespace is preserved - quite important if you need to show soem code with identation!

Then there's emphasis (I only use bold and italics):
HTML Code:
[b]this is bold[/b] and [i]this is in italics[/i] and of course you can (properly) [b][i]nest the two[/i][/b] as well.
results in:
this is bold and this is in italics and of course you can (properly) nest the two as well.

To avoid a lot of whitespace in your message, it's good to know that the system generates whitespace after a quote and after a code section; don't add to that by adding a line feed (or even an extra one): just start typing after the closing tag and your message will be nicely spaced.

When I'm done with a "Quick Reply" I usually hot the "Go Advanced" button so I can use the Preview - essential for someone like me who can spell but makes a lot of ypots! Here goes...

Marjolein Katsma
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