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Default Print vs Web Design

Please feel free to move this post to a more appropriate location. Also, please note that I'm not trying to be inflammatory, though I realise my "tone" may come accross as quite frustrated, since I am so

I'm just about to finalise a site for a client. The client in question involved his print designer half way through the process, to "ensure that print and web are cohesive". In theory, that's a sound concept.

But suddenly, the print designer told the client that all my work was cr*p, and gave a new mockup to start from (despite the client accepting the design I had originally submitted, and he was very happy with it).

The print designer started giving a series of instructions that just don't work, using garamond, kerned a certain way, with a certain amount of leading. Wanting pixel perfect placement, but her design involved a monitor screen of at least 1200px wide! Keep sending me jpegs that are so badly optimised that they are either huge file sizes, or full of "noise". Etc.

I've had to explain the differences between rendering on IE vs Firefox vs Netscape, vs all those other browsers. I've had to teach some basic concepts of photoshop to this person. I don't mind teaching people, but it shouldn't be on my client's dime.

Now, I've worked with this person before (she's done our print logo design for my company), and she is brilliant and knows what she's doing in print.

And I know what I'm doing on the web. I don't pretend to know print design just because I've published a few newsletter in Pagemaker. How can you point out that because you've used GoLive a couple weeks, it doesn't necessarily make you able to work on the web?

I just re-read my post, and it does sound a little whinney! LOL. Oh well, there we go...

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