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Andrew B.
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Default Quoting (and other codes)

When you reply to a message by clicking the quote button, the entire message is quoted. Usually you do not want this. You want part of it quoted. Or you want several separate quotes. There is an easy way to get what you want, but some people overlook it. And it is actually easier (for me, anyway) than the old way I used to do it on CompuServe.

Okay, first you have to get the text you are quoting into your message. So paste it there, or reply using the Quote button, then just delete extra quote codes this brings in. Highlight the text you want to quote. Click the quote button. (The quote button is above the message box and looks like a square speech balloon.) The codes will be placed like this.
HTML Code:
[QUOTE]This is the text to be quoted[/QUOTE]
And it will display like this:
This is the text to be quoted
If you want to quote using an "Originally Posted" statement: Highlight the text to be quoted. Click the quote button. Observe the beginning quote code. Between the letter "E" and the right bracket, type an equal sign followed by the user name. So if it were my user name, it would be like this:
HTML Code:
[QUOTE=Andrew B.]This is the text to be quoted[/QUOTE]
And the result will display like this:
Originally Posted by Andrew B.
This is the text to be quoted
You might notice that the second method quotes the text in italics, while the first method does not. So, you might want to add italics to the first method. To do this, highlight your text and click the italics button. You can also use the highlight method for bold, underline, and maybe other codes.
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