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Default Catch-22 nightmare...

I finally decided a few weeks ago that I was going to re-do my office and ordered 2 adjustable height tables to replace my old desk. Unfortunately, one of the tables I ordered was warped but I didn't discover that until after I'd take down my current desk--7 foot x 30inch 3/4inch red oak set on top of 2 Elfa drawer supports--so I had to use it.

I thought I could live with it but then decided a few days later to order another adjustable table (made by Studio RTA) from Office Depot (first ones were order from Staples and were made by a different company) because I thought it might be slightly better and I decided that while I preferred the grey top on the Staples tables, that wasn't so important anymore.

Office Depot's delivery really screwed up and I ended up not only cancelling the order but writing a 3 page letter to Office Depot's director of North American retail sales outlining the entire sorry story.

So then I ordered the same Studio RTA table from an online vendor-- furniturebuzz.com --and their website said that the table was in stock and would ship in 3-4 days--it's actually dropped shipped from the maker, Studio RTA.

That was January 5th.

It is now January 24th and no table has arrived and every time I contact furniturebuzz.com they are very nice but say that same thing: "we haven't been able to get in touch with our Studio RTA sales rep".

This has been going on for 3 weeks and apparently no one at furniturebuzz.com has taken the initiative to track down this mysterious sales rep.

I decided today to cancel the order. I was told I'd receive an email confirming the cancellation.

Can you see where this is going yet???

When no email appeared after a few hours, I contacted furniturebuzz.com asking where is the cancellation email and was told...

Wait for it...

"We can't cancel until we confirm that the table has not been shipped"

But!!! Of course, they can't get in touch with the sales rep...


I argued that while I understood the logic of that approach, did they not see the what...irony? stupidity? downright ridiculous catch-22 nature of what they were saying???

It has been left that a note will be left for the owner of furniturebuzz.com (which actually has a physical store) to see if he can resolve the situation.

If I don't hear from him by tomorrow I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (a BBB logo is prominently displayed on their website) and institute a complaint with my credit card company...

Sooo...my office re-do has been stopped in its tracks and I'm extremely frustrated!

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