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Default Printer drivers

I have to tell you, it's with some trepidation that I dip my toe into this exceedingly attractive pool of quicksand ... so often in the past a large chunk of my existence has occasionally disappeared, with the only trace being a faint green glow emanating from behind these doors.

Having said that: who the heck writes printer drivers, other than the big names (Adobe, HP, Epson, MS)?

The other day I was reminiscing with someone about when PostScript was new and the MS PS driver sucked for imagesetter output (aka Did Not Work Right), and we (DTPFOR) discovered that MS *owned* some Linotronics but hadn't thought to test their driver on them.

I also vividly recall the various bastardacious things committed by some application vendors - hacks to work around a bug here and there, but never removed, plus at least one hack that *used* a bug in the LaserWriter driver. (It cost me a plane ticket and a Fudrucker's hamburger to extract that info from the guy who did it...the hack caused failure in all printers that actually implemented PS correctly. And why did the guy do it? "It was the only thing that would work on the LaserWriter I had at my desk." Arrrgghhhh...)

If I'd thought of it at the time (and if I'd known how), I would have snagged the opportunity to generate something that works right. I'm not the sharpest apple in the tree (sic), so I figure somebody else must have done so. But who?

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