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Default Another Windows 7 annoyance - vanishing address bar

I typically keep two or three Windows Explorer (NOT IE!!!) windows open all the time for easy access to particular folders I'd rather not have to navigate to every time I need them. I would prefer not to create shortcuts to them but I will if I must. Still hoping someone has an answer to this issue, though. I have searched the web and found plenty of people with the same problem but no solutions. Most of the people who reply don't actually have a clue what the problem is in the first place so I hope I can explain it adequately. Here goes ...

When I open a brand new Windows Explorer window I have an address bar, a menu bar and a tool bar - in that order from top to bottom. I like to have that address bar always showing because I frequently need to use the "breadcrumbs" or the back button. What happens, apparently randomly, is that the address bar goes missing on one or the other of the Explorer windows that I leave open. I bring it up and the address bar that was there yesterday is not there today. But the problem is nowhere near that regular - I might go days without seeing it.

So far only one folder at a time has lost its address bar. I can't be certain but I think it happens on whichever folder I used most frequently or perhaps most recently during a session. I also am not sure if it goes missing only after a reboot or if it sometimes goes missing when the computer has simply gone to sleep. It's possible that it happens only after a reboot - that might explain the random frequency since I don't shut down every day. But whenever it does happen it is decidedly odd that only one of the Windows Explorer windows I have open is affected.

Once that address bar is gone there is apparently no way to get it back without starting over in a brand new window! XP used to have "Address Bar" as one of the options under the View menu - you could check it or uncheck it just like the Status bar - but Windows 7 does not have this, at least not on my system! Aargh! So I have to open a new window and navigate to the appropriate folder all over again if I want to have an address bar in my window.

Clear as mud? Wish I had taken a screen shot this morning but I didn't think I was going to have any time to research the problem today so I closed it and made a new one.

The only thing I found in my search that might be pertinent is some reference to the Windows 7 explorer windows being "dynamic" and changing their behavior based on what they think you want. ?? Shades of Facebook - please say this isn't so. Lord save us all from uppity software. I have my windows set up the way I want them. If I wanted something different I would change it myself.

Anybody else seen this and/or have a clue how to fix it?


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