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Kass Johns
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Default a curious power prob with iBook G4

Hi gang,

I have been having the oddest thing happen of late. Here when I thought I had it nailed down to a bad power manager on the logic board...

My G4 iBook (12") began to suddenly show symptoms several weeks ago of losing power and powering off OR not recognizing battery as charged, OR not seeing power cord plugged in OR other hints of electrical power probs. Then a week and half ago, it just began to die -- for no apparent reason -- while I was working. Attempts to reboot it were moot.

I finally found via my old desktop unit, the resetting PMU keystrokes (in my case: battery removed, power cord out, keystrokes--Shift-cntrl-opt-PWR button for 5 seconds to "reset"). That initially worked... it then happened again several days later. It again worked, but I was down again less than two hours later. A resetting AGAIN gave me another 2-3 hours before it'd power off again (no shut down, no restart--just sudden dead/dark screen OFF).

After two days of THIS, that particular sequence quit working for me. I finally had to ADD in the old resetting the PRAM keystrokes after the reset of the PMU! That'd get me gimping along again for a few hours. Often, these power down probs came at the plugging and unplugging of AC power units (used three different adapters and cords) or when battery wore down.

So, I went searching for my install disks to reinstall OSX (Tiger) and of course, could not locate them. I even did a complete battery drain and "recalibration" of my fully functional battery. Still same problem...

Jump ahead in the story/troubleshooting... I never did find my install disks and so never reinstalled OS. I finally came to the conclusion that I did, indeed, have a hardware prob and so decided to toss money at a lateral move to a new-to-me (used) unit, rather than a logic board repair bill. What I had read in symptoms and my gut told me was that the power manager module was "heading to heaven."

I have been using my iBook as little as possible in last few days and backing up new/changed files religiously until the new computer arrives 10/31.

So, in backing up, I decided to drag all my desktop icons to one folder and alias to the desktop, remembering that the contents of the desktop are not necessarily copied when copying the hard disk contents via drag/copy. As a habit, I like to keep some handy files/icons/aliases on my desktop for pending/important tasks I do daily or will need REAL SOON. (Also work done at home that I have to remember to print/whatever at the office the next day.) It looks cluttered to some folks but it works for me. It's like having an active "hot" file folder on my actual desk top.

So, now with this cleanup/backup I have a very non-cluttered desktop as I await the new computer.

Suddenly NOW, I am not powering down "willy nilly" anymore!!! The damn thing sat plugged in and fully operational all weekend without powering off once.

I thought I may have probs unplugging it and hauling it to the office and re-plugging it in (often when it would shut itself off). But, no, it worked a-ok--powered up/woke up and I'm back in 'bidness."

Could this be a "decluttering of my actual desktop" that actually has made the difference here? I know that I have had no icon image loss (symptom of the old "rebuild the desktop" syndrome pre OSX), nor any icons that jump around where they were NOT left or any other bizarre desktop behavior... but this seems too simple and too easy for many folks to have this same problem (and so well documented in troubleshooting guides). I have had tons of users on my old network who had nasty clutter probs on their desktops. I know that if this was a real prob out there in "user world", someone, somewhere would have made this an easily recognizable troubleshooting fix.

Have any of you ever heard of similar situations or am I insane? I still do not trust this unit in any way and will work under the assumption that this is a fluke and coincidence and am going to unwillingly power down any minute.

This situation, I throw out to you for your digestion and comments...

ready to return to legal pads and pencils,

I'm going to post this to MacForum also and send it to old User Group pals to find out if anyone else has ever seen such.
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