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First draw the arc you want the text to follow. You can do that by drawing it freehand with the Pen tool or drawing an oval with the Ellipse tool, then (with the Direct Selection [hollow arrow] tool) select and delete the point/s of the oval you don't need. This will leave you with your arc.

Next, with the Type on a Path tool, click on the arc and type your text. If the text appears upside down and below the arc, don't worry -- you'll fix that next. If you want your text centered on the arc, choose "Align center" in the Paragraph palette.

Now, you may or may not be able to see it clearly, but there will be a light line (probably blue) at the exact middle of your text. With the Direct Selection tool click on and hold it and drag it straight up to the top side of the arc. That should flip your type right side up and on top of the arc.

If you don't want the arc to show, just make sure the little button for "Formatting affects container" and the Stroke icon (which will probably be set to the default of black) are selected in the Swatches or Color or Tools palette (wherever you prefer to spec colors). Click the "None" swatch and the arc will disappear leaving just your arcing text.

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