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Originally Posted by JVegVT
Try this:

The problem is that you do have to register for a free subscription to the magazine in order to download any or all issues.
Sorry, no. I don't want to register for a subscription to anything I don't need. (If I ever start running Linux, maybe - but not now anyway.) Any other ideas?

Originally Posted by JVegVT
ClickBook does the same thing and functions as a printer driver. But I'm not so sure that odds and evens printing is not a function of the browser's Print function. After all, some programs offer the option and some don't. They're all using the same printer driver. I don't know why browsers couldn't offer the same option.
Because browsers are meant for browsing. Of course they offer some printing capabilities but beyond (maybe) an option to choose between portait and landscape and setting margins (and possibly variables to be printed in those margins) I'm not even expecting more from a browser because that's not what it's for. A browser is made to use a printer driver, not to function as one. In fact, I'd be rather upset if such a thing were built in because it would make the browser needlessly hefty. I prefer a lean and mean browser that fully supports web standards (and the Mozilla browser still beats Firefox at that.)

Originally Posted by JVegVT
What I actually had in mind was ClearType.
I have found that ClearType makes a huge improvement in the way fonts look on my LCD screens. I don't like it or use it for a CRT screen (just like what I quoted says). Adobe Reader offers a "Use CoolType" option in Preferences, Page Display, and says CoolType is suggested for laptops and LCDs. I don't know if CoolType is supposed to be equivalent to Clear Type.
I know about ClearType (and did wonder if you were referring to that) - but I don't have XP. And don't need anything crisper on Alan (my laptop) which though old has a 1600x1200 screen that beats most modern laptops. Grace uses a CRT anyway (also ran at 1600x1200 - I like lots of screen estate for lots of overlapping windows and feel cramped with less).

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