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Default It's the little things that get ya...'-}}

I wanted to do a quick write-up for my sister (in ME) about the Avast! antivirus software (free version) that I'd installed on her small HP laptop she'd mailed down to me--Avira a/v (paid version) had become increasingly unstable and annoying so I uninstalled it and installed Avast instead. I was going to include a couple of screenshots in the write-up and create a PDF.

It should have taken me about 20 minutes to do this. It took me about 3+ hours because I discovered that WordPerfect 8 would not allow me to do Insert File for the TIFF file screenshots--I kept getting "file cannot be opened" error. I tried to do the write-up in Jarte which insisted on mucking up the screenshots--it resized the images too wide for the page--and I tried Acrobat 8 which was a disaster since I really don't know how to use Acrobat. I finally resorted to installing WordPerfect 12 which allowed me to do an Insert File for each screenshot with no problems.

The next day I decided to browse around online to see if I could find the reason that WordPerfect 8 would not open the TIFF files and stumbled across the explanation at wpuniverse.com in a thread "Problems opening graphics files in WordPerfect". While the references to Windows operating systems are a bit old (Win2K and WinXP), the information is correct for Windows 7 (maybe even Windows 8).

Basically, for WordPerfect 8 to open graphics files (in my case, TIFFs via the Insert File option), Windows Indexing must be turned on for either the folder containing the graphics/image files or for the entire drive/partition--I had turned off Indexing for all of my drives/partitions on my Win7/Pro/64bit system. I decided to turn on Indexing for the partition on my system that contains my text data (in Explorer, highlight the drive, right-click, choose Properties and checkmark "allow files on this drive to have contents indexed...", click on the Apply button and then the OK button) and to put my screenshot TIFF files in the folder on my Text partition with the WordPerfect 8 file.

After turning on Indexing for the drive, WordPerfect 8 successfully opened my TIFF files via the Insert File option.

I'm happy and I've added a note to the CD case cover about this so I'll remember it the next time I installed WordPerfect 8 on a new system...'-}}


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