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I have never seen anything else like it.
Me either, but when I was mouse hunting, I did see one or two other mice that were more vertical than the usual "flat handed" mice. One was the big chunky MS mouse (the Natural Wireless Mouse 6000), which I liked because it was so big and chunky, the heel of my hand didn't seem to drag on the table (although it's hard to know if it would in regular use at home -- the "demo" mice at the computer stores don't sit on a surface of the correct height (for me, anyway).

Logitech also had at least one angled mouse that included a trackball. I know that one is available for Mac.

IIRC, I saw both of these at Office Depot.

I ended up buying a Logitech "wave" keyboard and mouse set. I like the keyboard, but the mouse is very ordinary -- not really any different from my old one, except that it's wireless.

I do love the wireless aspect, though. Not a big deal for the keyboard, but a lovely big deal for the mouse. Much nicer not having that long tail dragging around.

I can return the Logitech set to Office Depot within 14 days, so I'm considering doing that and then buying the Logitech wave keyboard separately,and one of the more ergonomic Logitech mice (maybe the MX Revolution) separately. I assume this will mean I'll need two separate USB doohickeys, but it'll be worthwhile if the mouse is more comfy.

I'm kind of surprised the wave keyboard was bundled with such an ordinary mouse, since the wave keyboard is supposedly ergonomic. I think.

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