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Originally Posted by Andrew B. View Post
Could you offer some details as to why it is crap.

One selling point is that I don't have to run Bitlocker, which would require me to keep a USB or disc-based key on hand to start my computer. As for TrueCrypt, it is undergoing a code audit because of a big scare the developers put out there about continuing to use it.
You can't boot Windows (or any OS) from an encrypted volume, as such. The Aegis product isn't going to magically address that. BTW - I wasn't diss-ing the Aegis product explicitly. I was just expressing my opinion about things like it that have appeared in the past and almost always been smoke and mirrors.

I have two disks in my newest box...

C is unencrypted (but doesn't contain anything except the OS and Program Files).

The D volume is encrypted with BitLocker and my various Users/Docs items (and similar) are all mapped to that volume. I (can boot and log in but then) can't access them without right-clicking and unlocking the volume first (only happens once per session). I suppose one could employ a hardware device to accomplish the unlock/creds step but I just right-click and enter a (separate) passcode.

My Mac has an encrypted bundle that automatically mounts as a volume (only because I have it set to automatically mount).
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