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Originally Posted by kharim View Post
I would like to produce small phonebook for my city. Is there existing software to manage content in this kind of books or even the biggest companies (like Yellow Pages) preparing everything manually, using for example Indesign?
No matter what kind of license.
Hello and welcome to the forum.

InDesign works well with data-driven designs and there are lots of options. I just did a quick Google search on:

telephone book indesign

and got quite a few white pages style links in the result, including a YouTube video. You might try that and see if you get some good ideas.

Do you have access to the data you need? I've never done data merge in InDesign, but did a lot of data merging from text files into databases in the past, and the format of the data file and import filters in the receiving application can be critical, so it's important to know what the data file looks like before you select the InDesign add-on. And make sure you can reorder fields during the import.

And apologies if I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here.

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