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Steve Rindsberg
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On the whole, I'm over it. I explained my irritations with it earlier.

But I was just reminded of another one today. This is a real howler, something that only an imbecile would have deliberately implemented or approved.

OK, here's the deal: Outlook lets you select some text and create what it calls a QuickPart. You supply a name for the QuickPart and from then on, you can type the name in an email/reply/whatever and it gives you the option of expanding the name into the full text of the QuickPart. The UI for creating the things is horrible but the feature itself is very handy. I have whole detailed email replies to certain tech problems stored as QuickParts. I type a word or two and bingo ... carpal tunnel syndrome is delayed another day.


Until suddenly QuickParts just stop working for no apparent reason. You peer into the UI to see what's up and find that they're all gone. Poof. Nada.

And since Outlook shares QuickParts with Word, they're gone from Word too.

It turns out that when you switch the default language for Office apps, you get this vaguely worded warning about how you *might* lose certain customizations and blah blah blah. This is a vicious lie. What's about to happen is that they're about to delete Word's Normal.dot or .dotm file. Not back it up, not save it to Normal.dotm.xxxx where xxxx is the standard Windows code for the language you're using. Couldn't do that because, heavens, it would make far too much sense. Nope. They just blow it away and create a new one. There went all of your Word customizations, along with any that Word shares with Outlook.

Like my quickparts.

Since I write code that deals with multiple languages and have to switch my default language from time to time to test stuff, this bites me in the nethers from time to time. It always seems to wait until I've forgotten what the heck causes it, so it manages to waste even more time than it has a right to. Sigh.

But I've learned to keep a backup of the file in question. Making repairs is just a matter of deleting the new useless file MS has made for me and renaming the old saved one.

Steve Rindsberg
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