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hugh: I just posted a large chunk of your message describing the situation.
I'll check it out...thanks...

>>The Eject USB problem was on the card slots on the printer or on the laptop?

On the laptop...it was weird because it had displayed the eject message for a number of days and then stopped doing it. I'm pretty sure that I had turned off the bluetooth service fairly early on and had been using a usb stick with great regularity moving files to the new system and the eject message was displaying and then it just stopped but I may not be remembering correctly when I turned the service off. I hadn't checked Devices and Printers until the afternoon that I was showing my sister the last tweaks I'd done.

>>Sounds like an incredible machine for that price! Was it Windows 7 or 8?

I think we got a really good deal. It's Win7-64bit/Pro and I think it came with a Win8/8.1 DVD but I doubt she'll move to that. I've really been quite impressed with the laptop. The screen is very good with a decent viewing angle (unlike the recent Dell my sister has) and it's fairly high res--can't remember the numbers. The keyboard has a number pad which is what my sister really wanted--I think that is becoming more and more common--and the keyboard keys are nice. It's got 2 USB3 slots and 2 USB2 slots-- I really miss having usb slots at the back of the base because they don't get in the way of things but I think that design is gone.

I'm so glad Dottie is doing well....

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