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Default Designing for the ageing eye

Creative Pro this week has an article about considerations for designing books, articles, signage etc. intended for seniors, or other people with degenerative eye disease or just older eyes.

Most of it is just common sense, but it's a timely and good article.

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As you say, common sense but well worth remembering.
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This covers the common sense stuff.

Here is a very good article by the American Institute of Graphic Arts about considerations of type for aging and low-vision eyes.

The American Printing House for the Blind has also developed a font (APHont) it considers best for low-vision readers. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as some other font choices, but if you were producing something that you knew would be regularly used by very low-vision readers it would be a good choice.
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zoya37: Here is a very good article by the American Institute of Graphic Arts about considerations of type for aging and low-vision eyes.
That was a really interesting article and the examples really helped make the point.

I have a hearing loss and need closed captions while watching TV. The move from analogue to digital TV has really played havoc with closed captions making them much harder to read--of course, the shift to digital was touted as being "wonderful" but the actual implementation pretty much sucks...'-}}

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