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Default Adobe Offering Free Download of CS3?

The title is supposed to say "Adobe."

...I was told by my supervisor that Adobe has made CS3 free to download because they "no longer support it." But I looked at their website and see no evidence of this. A Google search shows no support for this either--just some sites with it for download and YouTube videos explaining how to download it via different sites, and comments claiming that these downloads they have viruses.

Has anyone heard of this? I'd jump on it, but I want to download CS3 from a safe source.
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Andrew B.
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Adobe made CS3 available for download and also stated that this is only for licensed users. But they didn't make that statement on the download page, which makes so little sense that there is confusion about what to believe.

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don Arnoldy
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I fixed your title for you.

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ronald: Has anyone heard of this? I'd jump on it, but I want to download CS3 from a safe source.
It's not CS3 but CS2--unless there has been a new report. The CS2 download page has downloads for all of Adobe's CS2 software. I downloaded everything and don't forget to get the serial numbers too--I created a pdf of the page which made it easier to copy/paste the serial numbers when installing.

I have only installed Acrobat Pro 8--if you are on a Win7 (or Win8) system, don't bother trying to install Acrobat Standard 7 because you won't get the PDF printer instance.

Ahhh! Most interesting! The current page does not have Acrobat Pro 8 but does have Acrobat Pro 7--when I downloaded back in January, Pro 8 was there but Pro 7 wasn't. I don't know if you would have the problems with Pro 7 that I had when I installed Standard 7 with no PDF printer instance created. If you want Acrobat then, I'd suggesting installing Creative Suite 2, see if Acrobat is in there, which version it is and if it's 8, do the install for Acrobat.

At any rate, while I don't use Acrobat that much, I use the Acrobat PDF printer instance all the time and both work just fine. I've not gotten around to installing any of the other CS2 software but, I'm pretty sure they'd work ok also. I'm planning on installing CS2 InDesign and CS2 Golive but I've not gotten around to it.

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